EMRG Capital

21...80 спеціалістів
Київ, Цюрих (Швейцарія)

EMRG Capital is a venture studio. We create new businesses and startups. Some of the projects we already launched are:
— a financial marketing company operating in Switzerland
— online marketplaces worldwide (LATAM, US, EU)
— online media (home improvement, healthcare, and other industries)

Our team consists of young, talented, and competitive people from different parts of the world: Ukraine, the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, the UK, and others. We are about fifty people and we are a fully remote team.

🚀 We specialize on hiring and developing talented people at the junior level or with no experience at all. We have been able to build internal training and mentorship systems, which help us to develop people fast and trust them with increasingly more responsibility.

We only hire the top 5% of candidates, but those who get in receive systematic training, resources, and a level of responsibility that is hard to find anywhere else in the market: the average age of managers in our company is 26 years, and these people can manage projects with hundreds of thousands of views.