Empat is a Ukrainian startup studio and service company with 10 years of experience working with clients and delivering more than 300 interesting and diverse projects. We carefully analyze our clients’ business needs and assist in developing efficient, optimized, and user-friendly solutions that bring profit.
27 березня 2023

New Business Manager / Sales B2B (вакансія неактивна)

Київ $750–3000

We are seeking an enthusiastic team member to be responsible for finding potential clients, analyzing their profiles, and making initial contact. We need someone who is goal-oriented, driven, and eager for new opportunities.

We propose:
— Interesting projects and challenges that will ensure your development as a specialist and as a person; and also the acceleration of our victory;
— Work in a team of creative, proactive and empathic people;
— Full working day with a flexible and animated schedule for you, because the main focus is the result, not the time or place;
— The opportunity to accumulate days off and relax in the middle of the week, if you like to work on Saturdays or Sundays;
— A comfortable, stylish and sunny office with a view of the city center (Pushkinska str) and the opportunity to work at home when you feel not so full of beans or just moody or lazy (with a generator and battery installation 🇺🇦)
— Mandatory paid vacation, which can be used already after the trial period;
— Lack of bureaucracy, regular feedback and support from colleagues;
— Equal salary;
— Trial period (2 months on average, but everything is in your hands, so go ahead!)
— Fun parties, online-activity, picnics and more.

You must have:
— 6 months to 1 year of experience in lead generation through outbound channels such as LinkedIn and Upwork
— Experience in lead generation for IT teams specializing in web and app development and design
— Experience in crafting personalized messages to potential clients
— Experience in negotiating with foreign clients
— English language proficiency at or above B2 level

Your tasks:
— Actively search for new clients according to our ideal customer profile on different resources and qualify them
— Establish active written communication and engagement with prospects to create new leads and sales opportunities
— Manage the follow-up process
— Arrange and prepare meetings/calls with potential clients for sales managers
— Participate in developing new approaches and implementing best practices in lead generation
— Maintain up-to-date records in CRM, including status updates, communication insights, and notes about prospects
— Manage existing prospects by addressing their needs and requests, managing objections, and preparing follow-ups
— Process outbound requests through LinkedIn/Upwork.