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“Emotion SWD” is a technology company which delivers consultancy services and software solutions to small and medium enterprises and which is constantly developing thanks to excellent know-how from other countries in addition to the local gained experience.

To become a well-known information technology company on the local market, we worked hard and made a great effort to reach the highest quality of our software products and as a result, we have evolved into a very reliable partnership for software development projects.

Our focus is always on service quality and 100% client satisfaction. In addition to our reliable support, our clients benefit from IT services including software, hardware, consultancy and complete solutions provider, utilizing the modern hardware and software tools for tailor-made solutions, consultancy, on-line applications, website design and website development.

That means, helping you to get the best from technology by using the power of information and communication in a way that suits your business.

competitive advantages
Our programs, care, services and problems solutions have already won sympathies of many users. Along with quality, attractive pricing remains to be one of the main characteristic of our products. We position ourselves as your long-term business partners. Emotion provides strong and wide-spread support service whenever the customer needs and that is an important advantage for the companies.

In the software development process we involve the IPN-Knowledge Transfer methodology, which provides team members with up-to-date technical information and ensures their immediate access to the information on all the known solutions of technical problems, errors, and other related facts regarding Software development process.