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We are saving the world from global heating!

Join our team — and save the World with our team.

Our application allows our clients to measure the CO2 emissions of the metallurgical plants, Oil&Gas companies, etc.

Our cloud-based platform consolidates all safety, sustainability, environmental processing, and reporting capabilities within a unified platform to give our customers the power to introduce responsive reporting based on accurate data, proving compliance to investors and shareholders.

Emex operates a traditional cloud business model with performance evaluated by reference to license and implementation income.

Limited attention is paid to the volume of safety and operational risk transactions.
Emex believes that the business model in the space has failed to recognize the significant value in the underlying datasets.

Emex is now pivoting its business model towards a transaction-focused model. The key objective is to maximize the volume of safety and operational risk data processed on its platform.

To achieve this goal Emex is repricing its software offerings to enable users to leverage its existing software platform at a very low entry price point.

Emex in the future will be focused on generating revenue streams from the datasets that it will process on behalf of clients.

In particular Emex plans on directly linking safety performance and risks to insurance and offering insurance products to its clients and insurance opportunities to the capital markets.

With almost 20 years of successful operation, Emex is now transforming its vision concepts into a modern SaaS platform utilizing the latest Microsoft cloud offerings and cutting-edge technologies.