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Київ, Львів, Ервайн (США)

ELVTR is an EdTech startup, taking online learning to the next level. We are disrupting education by putting “big name” industry leaders from companies like Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and Nike in a virtual classroom with eager rising stars.

Our values:
— If it’s not a “hell yes”, it’s a no. All of us at ELVTR aim for exceptional results that set us apart.
— We aren’t afraid to make decisions and take responsibility for them. And we let our teammates do the same.
— We understand that you can’t get different results by doing things the same way. We’re curious and we love trying new approaches and taking risks — that’s how we evolve.
— Open, honest, and constructive feedback is a crucial ingredient in our company’s success.
— We’re team players. We inspire, teach, and support each other.

Working at ELVTR isn’t just a job, it’s a learning opportunity. You are going to be among the first 100 employees in a super-fast startup with unicorn ambitions.
Every role at ELVTR brings you into contact with new mindsets, skill sets, and thought leadership across a wide spectrum of topics. In other words, you’ll be getting paid for expanding your horizons.

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