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EltexSoft is a team of top notch product, design and engineering experts. Our core proficiency is end to end web and mobile apps engineering, UI/UX & branding. Being founded in 2015, the team is appreciated by world’s leading brands and startups, for the efforts, skills and experience in product delivery.

Our company is committed to provide high quality products using the domains of expertise, such as: SaaS, B2B and B2C matching platforms, CRMs, advanced e-commerce solutions. Excellence in engineering and design, product management and quality assurance are our core values across all projects.

At EltexSoft, we strive to meet open-minded people who love technology, and are ready to apply their passion in a practical area. We encourage bold and innovative approach of our teammates, and are always ready to assist in mastering their career.

The approach is simple:
— The team is our most valuable asset
— We inspire people to explore their ideas
— We are flexible and focused on results and project completion
— We take pride in creating quality products, used by millions

Be creative. Be bold with your ideas. Be special, because being a part of something special — makes you special! Join our team, together we will create future global trends!

Clients’ Reviews:
“They put a personal touch on their projects and tailor their solutions to their client’s needs.”
“They’re a great choice for building a web platform, especially in a B2B and B2C marketplace.”
“They always have the project under control and never over-promise or let me down.”
“They’re a core part of my business now.”
“They understand what our business needs and made a site we’re proud of.”

Оцінка компанії: 96/100

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