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Elopage GmbH is a Berlin-based Fintech and SaaS company with a development center in Lviv, Ukraine building and managing elopage.com — the SaaS Platform for entrepreneurs to set up, manage and scale their businesses around digital products, courses, memberships, and more.
To meet the demand for a new online payment culture, we are cooperating with certified and licensed financial institutions in Europe to guarantee secure and proper payments for our users.

A little more about our core values and work in our eloHeroes team:

1. We Perform like Entrepreneurs!
We start with yes. We act like owners. We create the future we want. We believe in ourselves & that anything is possible. We trust you to know the how and know that you’ll deliver. We know our customers are entrepreneurs and we understand them. We are partners with our customers. We embrace disruptive changes to delight our customers & partners.

2. Explore & Overcome.
We seek to understand why. We recognize we don’t have all the answers. We stretch ourselves constantly. We view obstacles as challenges. We never quit. We bounce back from setbacks. We learn & move forward. We strive to grow and elevate others.

3. Always Reimagining Towards Tomorrow.
We value disrupting in order to innovate. We never settle & always strive for better. We’re relentlessly in motion. We embrace ambiguity as normal. We expect constant change & welcome it. We view failure through the lens of learning & failebrate.

4. As one tribe.
We make everyone feel included and treat them equitably. We value difference & its benefits. We achieve more with others, as a high-performing team. We recognize individual brilliance that elevates the group. We support individuals to thrive.

Join us on an exciting journey!