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Львів, Вінниця

We are a young, ambitious and trusted global technology service company that designs, builds and implements effective software technology solutions, fulfilling the needs of customers’ businesses.
We cover all aspects of software product development using the latest technologies and frameworks, and we quickly adjust to our customers’ demands. Our approach combines research, design and development to rapidly solve problems, create and test prototypes and launch a product into the market in an iterative way. We build intelligent applications that connect people, systems, devices and data.

ElifTech is a team of continuously evolving technophiles that transform business ideas into valuable high-tech products.

We are focused on involving only top engineers who strive for researching, studying and implementing the innovative technological solutions to the actual customers’ problems. IT industry newcomers and bright students are also welcomed. We are showing them what they can achieve and guiding them on how to become experts in software development industry and thus be a part of our team.

Our approach to managing resources is focused on the needs of developers because we understand that the main idea of management and operations is to help engineers to do their job. Our team is free of bureaucracy, which makes us genuinely engineer-oriented.

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