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21 мая 2019

IT Infrastructure Expert (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, Львов

Необходимые навыки

10+ years of experience in IT
Solid experience with core services: ADDS, ADSS, AD Trusts, GPO, ADFS, AD CA, DNS, DHCP, DFS
Hardware and Virtualization: Hitachi and HP Storage, HP Proliant Servers, VMWare, Azure IAAS
Network: Cisco IOS; S2S VPN, DMVPN, FW, Proxy, L3 ACLs, AnyConnect, Routing, L2 VPN, ER, QoS, FirePower, FC
Application and service delivery: SCCM Software Portal, SCCM OSD, Citrix UniApps, Citrix UniDes, Print management
Collaboration: CUCM, S4B, Teams, Exchange 2010
Databases: MS SQL, Sybase, MaxDB, Oracle
Monitoring: SolarWinds, APC StruxtureWare, Snow inventory
Backups: MS DPM, CommVault, SQL Backups, Azure Backups, Azure SQL backups, ASR, Veeam, KiwiCat
Security: Patch management, A/V Protection


Above average compensation and competitive Social package
Close cooperation with a customer
Challenging tasks
Competence development
Ability to influence on project technologies
Team of professionals
Dynamic environment with low level of bureaucracy


Ability to envision the solution big picture, to decompose to the required levels of detail, and to generate a consistent and optimal architecture of the solution guided by the set of architectural drivers, principles, and capabilities
Ability to control accordance of the implementation to the stated architecture
Ability to critically and objectively review own and other’s design decisions and assumptions
Ability to clearly document and pass the design decisions and other architecturally significant information
Ability to fully apply all capabilities of the existing hardware and/or software architecture
Ability to evaluate software performance, software product compliance with customer technical requirements
Usage of software verification, validation, revision, and auditing methods
Usage of methods and tools to develop software technical specifications, analyze software functional requirements
Usage of principles to design software architecture and software architecture types, methodologies and software design tools, databases, APIs etc.
Usage of methods and techniques to manage risks, and to evaluate complexity, scope of work, and tasks deadlines

О проекте

ELEKS is a custom software development company. We deliver value to our clients, thanks to our expertise and experience gained from working as a software innovation partner since 1991.

Our 1,400+ professionals located in the Delivery Centers across Eastern Europe and sales offices in Europe and North America, provide our clients with a full range of software engineering services. These include product development, QA, UX/UI, R&D, technology consulting and dedicated teams.