3 октября 2020

Middle Data Scientist


Необходимые навыки

Understanding theoretical concepts of statistics/probability, data mining, machine learning
Understanding how these theoretical concepts could be applied to real world problems
Ability to understand the nature of business problems and see the place of analytical models in the solution
Knowledge and hands-on experience with one or more of the following: Matlab/Octave, R, Python
Familiarity with the concept of HPC, parallel computing
Knowledge and hands-on experience with one or more of the following for data analytics: Spark/Theano/TensorFlow/Caffee


Above average compensation and competitive Social package
Close cooperation with a customer
Business trips
Challenging tasks
Competence development
Ability to influence project technologies
Project from scratch
Team of professionals
Dynamic environment with low level of bureaucracy


Getting insight into business problem, understanding the opportunity and value of analytical models for the customer
Collecting, transforming and preprocessing raw data to prepare it for analysis
Deriving descriptive statistics out of the preprocessed data
Building statistical and probabilistic models
Designing, developing, training and testing data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence models and algorithms
Providing comparative research on different algorithms and models
Implementing the model in a form that can be easily used by engineers, documenting its interfaces
Delivering the model in a form that can be easily deployable and maintained

О проекте

Data scientist approaches business problems of diverse scopes, within different industries, using applied math. She talks to customers, understands their needs, suggests data science approach, develops statistical, probabilistic, data mining, machine learning models, improves accuracy of existing systems by enriching them with advanced analytical models, provides solutions in a form that can be easily deployed, used and maintained.


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