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EKTOS UKRAINE, branch of Danish company EKTOS A/S, is one-stop provider for complete electronics hardware and software design solutions services. EKTOS company provides development effort for international customers around the world.
1 октября 2019

Technical Manager (Lead)


Необходимые навыки

Do you have strong technical project management skills and a solid technical background? Do you enjoy communicating effectively with many stakeholders? And do you want to play a key role in EKTOS as responsible for successful execution of our projects? If yes, then you might be the person we are looking for.

Required skills:

— Technical background
— Masters degree in Electronic Engineering (preferable) or Computer Science
— Strong analytical skills, ability to make a decision and take a responsibility
— At least 3 years of experience in commercial development of hardware and/or embedded software
— Good understanding of hardware and software development process/life-cycle
— Good communication skills, reporting skills, ability to technically manage a team of HW and SW developers
— People management skills, ability to do a breakdown of major task to smaller jobs, estimate tasks, control tasks execution, help project manager to control overall project scope and budget, ability to identify scope changes
— Good sense of quality, craftsmanship, good understanding and practical experience in debugging and troubleshooting, being always ready to carry on “last mile” of the task/job, be critical to himself/herself and to technical inputs by team/client
— At least pre-intermediate level of written and spoken English
— Technical knowledge and awareness & understanding:
— hardware: design, development of general purpose electronics, schematic, PCB layout, EMC, mass production
— software: different MCU platforms, design, embedded C/C++, RTOS, FS, different peripherals.

About the position

As a Technical Leader you will be the link between the Project Manager and the development team in Ukraine. While the project managers ensures that the project is running according to schedule and is following our internal gate-model, you will be responsible for ensuring that the optimal technical decisions are made in each project and for facilitating the work of the developers so they are kept on track and motivated in their work. Communication is a big part of the job in order to ensure that the customer’s needs are correctly communicated to the developers, and that progress in the development is communicated to the the Project Manager.


— experienced colleagues who are ready to share knowledge;
— study and practice of English: courses and communication with colleagues and clients from different countries;
— friendly atmosphere, concern for the comfort of specialists;
— corporate medical insurance;
— modern office with perfect technical equipment;
— corporate events;
— business trips to Europe.

О проекте

We do not hire people on one project. We grant our engineers to be always involved in few projects with different technologies used. As we have many of projects it grants us ability to help engineers to develop their skills in those projects and technologies that are interesting exactly for them.
As amount of projects are becoming higher and higher we are looking for passionate people who would like to join our friendly team.
Work in EKTOS will allow you to see projects from both sides hardware and software and gain really high level of proficiency.


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