Edvantis Software

200...800 специалистов
Львов, Берлин (Германия), Вроцлав (Польша)

3 вакансии, опыт 3…5 лет

  • Middle Angular developer Львов, Вроцлав (Польша), удаленно
    Edvantis is looking for Senior and Middle Angular developers to join the project of our Swiss-based partner. Development of the new Machine Automation Frontend for the Manufacturing Client.
  • Senior Python developer Львов, удаленно
    Edvantis is looking for a Senior Python Engineer to extend the existing customer team. They provide SAAS solutions that help companies to optimize their businesses. These solutions include business planning & execution, processes automation, and optimization.
  • Middle React developer Львов, удаленно
    Edvantis is looking for a React.js developer to join the project of our US-based partner. The software is aimed to support scientific research on different phases of this research. Now, it is deploying to AWS.