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Edvantis Software

81...200 специалистов
Львов, Жешув (Польша), Вроцлав (Польша)

6 вакансий

  • C/C++ Developer Львов
    Edvantis is looking for a C++ Developer to improve the software of our partner, a worldwide and well-known manufacturer of high-power industrial X-ray machines. IMS — detection of explosives and narcotics, in the airport mostly.
  • Edvantis is looking for C/C++ Embedded Engineer to extend the professional engineering team of our Danish partner. The project is developed for a well-known European manufacturer of wind power turbines, which includes: — Application development on a large embedded platform.
  • We are looking for a Java Full-Stack Developer to join our Edvantis team on the project of our Austrian partners. They are international key players that provide a solution for perfect planning and realization of digitalization strategies in winter sports entertainment.
  • One more open position for the project of our US-based partner — .NET Full-Stack developer. The software manages the working process of veterinary care for objects of animal origin, providing greater visibility in animal protection, automation of treatment plans.
  • Edvantis opens the position of a QA Automation Engineer to work on the project of our partner — US-based company, a provider of all aspects of manual and functional software testing, test automation and performance/load testing.
  • We’re opening the position of React.js developer to join a new team in the project of our customers. They provide SAAS solutions that help companies to optimize their businesses. These solutions include business planning & execution, processes automation and optimization.