18 грудня 2021 11:46

Paul Pavlo Buidenkov, Lead Software Engineer в Edible Brands Ukraine

Just wanted to share my experience and thoughts here, after working at Edible Brands for a while. When I moved back to Ukraine, Edible Brands — was the first company I joined. Before I was living and working as a Software Engineer in China and Hong Kong at robotics and medical AI startups. I joined Edible in April 2021 and after several months, I was promoted to Team Lead position. This is a great fortune and I’m grateful to our leaders:
Dmitry Simonov — The Head of Edible Brands Department in Ukraine,
Andrew Soltis — The IT Director at our office in Atlanta, USA,
and Viktor Soltis — The IT Development Lead of our office in Kyiv,
for giving me this opportunity to get to the next level in my career.

What I like working at Edible, is that our teams in Ukraine and US cooperate with each other, and we as a team have a start-up mindset. But it is very unique that having all benefits as in a regular start-up company, we are backed up by a business with great history that successfully operates for over 20 years and have millions of customers in America.

At my work at Edible IT department, I communicate with team members across offices in Ukraine and USA, write some code and do code reviews. This is something that all developers do in a regular IT company. But what I like the most here is that our IT department has open-minded people, who are eager for new ideas. This is a benefit of a product-based company which Edible Brands is. So being active and sharing great ideas, is very encouraged by our team members.

I think everyone who works at Edible can’t miss a fact that we don’t have micromanagement and relationship here are based on trust. This helps us to build healthy relationship with co-workers. Also, as employees, we are encouraged to keep a good work-life balance. Not every IT giant operates on these kind of paradigms. Also, you can always choose to work your hours at office or from the comfort of your home. By the way, our office is located at the very heart of Kyiv, not far from subway station Maidan Nezalezhnosti, so, it is very comfortable to get there from any part of the city.

Lastly, I would like to say that I’m proud of being a part of very enthusiastic Edible IT team, which is led by wise leaders, and it is a great pleasure to bring joy to our customers through our IT products we build for Edible Brands!

Підтримали:  Tamara Vitvitska Dmitry Simonov


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unfortunately dou.ua doesn’t allow to delete the original review


I was completely wrong about the company.
They fired 50+ of Ukrainian staff overnight during a war and left us without our final last payrolls for work that we’ve done. They’ve been feeding us with promises for over a half of the year already.