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14 сентября 2021

Senior/Middle DevOps

Киев, удаленно

Edenlab is growing. At Edenlab we operate several dev and production Kubernetes clusters. Every day we build and deploy containers, fix configuration bugs and search through logs during production issues. We also do a lot of scripting to help make our daily life easier. We are looking for someone to join our humble team and help us operate the infrastructure. We’ve vowing to help you learn.

At the position of DevOps, you will contribute to the high-loaded projects by designing, set-up, configuration, and tuning of the infrastructure. Maintain the cloud environments including production. By joining our team, you’ll be exposed to and be able to learn from behind the scenes of one of the most ambitious and challenging state-wide project in Health Domaine

Your daily duties will include:

— communicate closely with current DevOps team,

— oversee a Kubernetes cluster,

— CI/CD process maintain

— manage DNS records,

— deploy containers,

— troubleshoot cluster & application configuration issues.

— Large-scale infrastructure and performance tuning

— kubernetes cluster set-up from scratch

— HW landscape design and setup on Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services

You will join our DevOps team will teach you to do all of the above. What we’re expecting from you is an open mind, a desire to learn and willingness to ask questions and to reach out to colleagues for help.

It is essential that:

— you feel comfortable with reading in English,

— you know what is Ubuntu and how it is different to CentOS,

— you can install a Linux distro from scratch,

— you have experience of setting up a web application in VM on Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services,

— you can read and write scripts in bash,

— you know how to set up a Travis/Jenkins CI build,

— you know how to set up a domain,

— you can buy and set up certificate for a domain name,

— you can build and run a docker container,

— you understand what is load balancing and autoscaling,

— you understand SQL at beginner level: can run simple select and update statements,

— you have some PostgreSQL administration skills: you can make & restore a database dump, you know where to look for database cluster logs, how to troubleshoot performance issues

— you’re willing to ask questions and search for answers online if you get stuck on a technical task,

— you have a habit of digging source code, either locally or on GitHub, for clues if you get stuck on a technical task,

— you are comfortable with git.

Bonus points (still, NOT required) if:

— you have experience with ElasticSearch and Kibana,

— you have experience with Grafana and Prometheus,

— you can set up a kubernetes cluster on your local machine or in the cloud,

— your programming skills and can fix a simple bug in the application code,

— you know what is Terraform and how it is useful.

— An opportunity to learn and work with the principal standards and cutting edge technologies in the e-Health
domain like HL7 FHIR— Opportunity to meaningfully influence the product/project growth and development
— Interesting and challenging large-scale projects
— Dynamic and professional team
— Loyal and attentive management & supervision
— Competitive compensation
— Personal and professional growth
— Comfortable office at the center of Kyiv (fully remote working environment during quarantine)
— Paid sick days-off