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Ecomitize LLC provides a complete ecommerce solution for online merchants. Unlike other ecommerce solutions Ecomitize wasn’t created by developers but by actual business owners who understand business needs as well as the world of ecommerce. Founder, Jacob North, spent the last decade developing platforms and integrations for his online businesses. Through trial and error Jacob and his teams spent enormous amounts of time and money getting business platforms to work effectively and able to outperform out-of-the-box options. Because of these efforts Ecomitize has grown into a company that is capable of taking care of the market research and site design, search engine optimization (SEO), website development, marketing and hosting of your ecommerce website.

Ecomitize was born out of the idea that ecommerce merchants are tired of the current fragmented model in our industry that encourage delays, overpricing and finger-pointing between developers, designers, and systems admin people. Ecomitize provides the most powerful, flexible, complete end-to-end solution available.

We take the headache out of building sophisticated high-end ecommerce websites!