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Since 2014, EcoFactor has been designing and producing innovative solutions for e-mobility and EV charging infrastructure: EV Charging Station, EV Charging SaaS Platform, EV Charging Hubs.

EcoFactor has already delivered over 7000 charging stations of different types: from 3,5 kW low-power home chargers to ultra-rapid 125 kW charging points.

The EcoFactor network platform launched in 2019, has over 600 commercial charging stations connected to it. To respond to the increasing demand for EV charging, we’ve created a concept of a network of Charging Hubs, with fast and ultra-rapid chargers backed by the renewable energy generation combining both solar- and wind-generated power.

Main industries: EV charging services, EV charging stations production, EV charging infrastructure, SaaS solutions, EV charging hubs.

EcoFactor Network is a proprietary software solution that manages the EcoFactor Chargers using the cloud technology. It’s a SaaS platform that enables the host locations and operators to remotely access and manage their network of the EV charging stations. The platform is easy to use and offers the essential information on the charging station’s location, real-time status, usage data, and charging rates. It allows to create custom reports on the charging sessions’ data and offers a set of unique and powerful tools to address the needs of the Plug-in Electric Vehicle market ecosystem in the most efficient manner.