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Echo Ukraine LLC is an IT staffing and team augmentation provider that helps to connect established American and European businesses with talented developers in Ukraine.
21 января 2021

Middle Full-stack (Laravel / Vue.js) Dev (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, Львов, удаленно

Необходимые навыки

Hard skills:
-Laravel 4-7
-Laravel Blade Templating
-JS native

Soft skills:
-Great communication skills (orally and written).
-You are proactive with a keen eye on the quality of the code. You ensure that the coding you deliver is well structured and tested. Even if this means you have to refactor existing parts of the application. Therefore, you communicate with the development team to discuss when you see code that lead to a cascade of maintenance.
-You are accurate in your way of working. The code you deliver works as described and discussed. This way your colleagues do not need to spend unnecessary time on your code.
-Active listener: ask questions to understand clearly what you need to develop.


-Possibility to work remotely;
-Competitive salary based on the results of the interview;
-Challenging tasks and professional growth;
-Paid vacations, days off, and sick leaves;
-Professional education, sports, and healthcare reimbursement (50% compensation)
-IT Club bonus program;


-Further development of new features or refracturing of the current code/functionality.
-Code review and bug fixing.
-Improving code coverage and quality with unit tests.
-Daily communication with the rest of the team.

О проекте

Класна голандська E-commerce компанія вирішила суттєво апргейднути та покращити свою платформу написану на PHP (Laravel), в тому числі перейти на мікросервіси. Шукають крутих веб-розробників в Україні, які би приєднались до їх локальної команди. Якщо зацікавило — будемо раді відгуку!


Since the start of the product, we built it in Laravel4 and upgraded it to Laravel7. Just a few months ago we decided to make a plan where we convert parts of the application to (micro)services for better testing. That is something that we are going to start later this year if we find more developers to join the team.

Our hosting runs on Google cloud where the application is hosted in three regions (USA, EU, Australia). We work with a develop-master git workflow. Deploys are automated and we are adding (unit) tests frequently to make sure the most important parts of our code are tested.

Over the course of the last years, we have had a number of developers who worked on the codebase. As a result, some parts of the code are outdated and need to be refactored. For example, our booking flow needs to be reworked so we can extend our platform services to new markets.

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