до 20 специалистов

We are a young NYC company in the Customer Experience and Text Analytics space. After having delivered a successful Beta version we are currently recruiting to continue building a production ready version of our text analytics platform. The 2 co-founders have each over 10 years of experience in the enterprise software and technology sector.

Our mission is to help corporations bridge the gap between sitting on large quantities of unstructured customer interactions, mostly in the form of feedback, and the companies’ desire to improve customer experience, product development etc. We do this by offering our text analytics platform as a service. Employees can easily add/connect data, analyze it and get high quality insights at scale. Our focus is on augmented intelligence: a hybrid approach between machine learning and end user participation which also promotes organization wide customer centricity.

We believe in operating as a coherent team, irrespective of location, and are looking for colleagues who will grow this company with us — the upside is tremendous.