Eastern Peak is an international IT company with headquarters in Israel and R&D center in Ukraine. We are more than just colleagues — we are a friendly team that is ready for any challenges. The secret of our productivity is constant open-minded communication and creative atmosphere in our green office in the city centre.
17 июля 2018

Senior JavaScript developer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

Eastern Peak is looking for a talented and experienced JavaScript developer who wants to work with a well-known tool for other developers. Do you want this? You have a great opportunity to make a powerful contribution to the open-source project and be glorified!

Required Skills and experience:
— At least 3 years experience with JavaScript as a main programming language.
— Deep understanding of the browser and the DOM and web standards
— Work experience with React and NodeJS
— Parsing and generation JavaScript code using AST
— Proficient in Git
— Excellent English and ability to face user requests and complaints.

Будет плюсом

The following skills are an advantage:
— Experience with MobX
— Experience with open source projects on Github
— Experience with Lerna.js


We offer:
— Hight salary
— Focused, friendly place, at the heart of new technologies, where you can grow your career
— Humane schedule: “Good morning” — to come to work from 9 to 11 (Mon-Fri)
— Comfortable, modern and green office
— Social package: paid sick and vacation
— Regular review of salaries
— Football, English courses, tea, buns, vitamin C in the form of fruit :) & medical insurance.


Development of an open source project on Github. This job requires the skills to collaborate and communicate over Github, answer questions, issues and pull requests — and writing high quality code in a public manner.
Responsibilities include:
— Developing a web extension.
— Improving DOM selectors.
— Exporting recorded tests to different languages.
— Implementing a test runner.
— Addressing github issues and pull request.
— Participating in open source community communication channels.

О проекте

A tool being developed is a browser extension that can be used to record user actions and play them back as an automated test. There’s UI work with React and MobX, development of browser extension, exporting test code to different language.