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20 вересня 2023

Senior iOS engineer (RealityKit experience is required) (вакансія неактивна)


Необхідні навички

Eastern Peak is looking for an experienced iOS engineer with expertise in Metal shaders, ARKit, and RealityKit to join a team and take part in shaping the visual quality of the mobile applications. As an iOS Engineer, you will work in a cutting-edge technology team that creates immersive augmented reality experiences for iOS devices for the real-estate market.

Qualifications for this position include:
Proven experience as an iOS Engineer with a strong portfolio of iOS applications.
Proficiency in Swift.
More than 2 years of experience in ARKit and RealityKit development.
More than 1 year of hands-on experience in Metal shaders development (shadow techniques: shadow mapping, ray tracing, baking shadows).
Strong understanding of 3D graphics, rendering, and GPU programming.
Experience with ARKit’s ARAnchor system, AR sessions, and ARKit’s integration with RealityKit.
Some Python scripting skills for automation tasks in Substance 3D Painter.
Excellent writing and verbal skills in technical English.

Буде плюсом

An advantage:
Experience with UIKit.
Optionally, experience with OpenGL, Vulkan, or other graphics APIs.
Familiarity with 3D modeling and texturing software.
Knowledge of other graphics and rendering libraries.


We offer:
А place with friendly environment where you can reach your full potential and grow your career.
Flexible work schedules.
Work from home.
Social package: paid sick leave and vacation.
English courses, medical insurance.


Key Responsibilities:
Metal Shaders Development: Leverage your deep knowledge of Metal shaders to optimize rendering performance and create stunning visual effects in AR applications.
ARKit and RealityKit Integration: Design and implement AR experiences using ARKit and RealityKit, ensuring seamless integration with iOS applications.
Application Development: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop and maintain iOS applications that deliver exceptional AR experiences.
Performance Optimization: Identify and address performance bottlenecks in AR applications, optimizing for smooth and responsive user interactions.
Problem Solving: Work on challenging technical problems related to AR, ensuring that our applications deliver high-quality experiences.
Documentation: Create and maintain clear and concise documentation for shaders, ARKit, and RealityKit components, making it accessible to the development team.
Automation (scripting) for Substance 3D Painter, involving model loading, and then baking ambient occlusion followed by exporting the results.

Про проєкт

A real estate visualization solution that utilizes proprietary AR, VR, and AI technologies.