Международная компания, разработчик процессингового финтех ПО, с центральным офисом в Варшаве. Мы входим в 3-у крупнейших нефинансовых B2B процессингов Западной Европы и СНГ. 1000 сотрудников, офисы в 8 странах Западной Европы и СНГ. Более 15 лет на рынке. Более 400 тыс активных карт (E100+E100Pro), более 14 тысяч юр.
18 марта 2021

Senior .NET Developer (full-stack) (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, удаленно

Необходимые навыки

• Excellent knowledge of object-oriented programming, design patterns and principles;
• Excellent knowledge of C# (.NET Core preferable)
• 3+ years of hands-on programming experience
• Experience in writing unit tests, understanding the necessity of TDD
• Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases
• Languages: Russian — fluent, English — intermediate

Будет плюсом

◦ Experience with the architecture styles and approaches: DDD (Vaughn Vernon’s interpretation), Event Sourcing and CQRS, hexagonal architecture, TDD / BDD
◦ Experience with our technology stack: .NET Core, AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, SQS, etc), Docker, Linux
◦ Experience in mobile application development (Kotlin, Swift)
◦ Experience in web application development (React JS, TypeScript)


• Competitive salary
• Ability to work remotely
• Cutting-edge engineering culture (true XP, no legacy, self-organized team, 100% cloud infrastructure)
• Company support of your personal and professional development (conferences, education, permanent learning and applying new technologies)


• Write quality programming code (mostly backend on .NET Core)
• Participate in all phases of development process: backend, mobile frontend, web frontend, automated tests, infrastructure as a code, CI/CD
• Be ready to adopt our engineering culture and practices (extreme programming, DDD and hexagonal architecture, T-shaped full-stack team members, no team leads)

О проекте

NEO BY E100 is a spin-off and the only European remote payment platform which grew out of the digital factory of a market-leading, pan-European fuel card business — E100. We are headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, and plan to incorporate there as an independent business.
We offer a seamless payment experience for fuel and soon number of other mobility services used by business clients and consumers in Europe and Russia. NEO BY E100 allows car and truck manufacturers, financial services providers, mobility platforms, and other business segments to create their own remote payment solution — while providing their end customers with a comfortable, integrated payment experience. NEO BY E100 consists of a team of seasoned professionals working in tech, financial, mobility and digital industries for over a decade. We are passionate about building a solution that will become an industry standard in the nearest future.

To approach our goals, we apply cutting edge technologies and foster innovative engineering culture. Our work is based on such approaches and technologies as: DDD, microservices, Event Sourcing and CQRS, hexagonal architecture, TDD / BDD, XP, Docker and serverless, DevOps. Our infrastructure is 100% cloud (AWS), all deployments are automated.