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Welcome to E-Tickets Retail kft!

We are developing software for marketplaces in the field of e-commerce and tourism sector. We create environmental products, embed innovative services and technologies in order to make tickets search easier and more user-friendly. E-Tickets Retail kft is growing intensively and doing its best to attract the best professionals.

Work in E-Tickets Retail kft:
Significant and ambitious projects
The results of your work will be used by people around the world. The portfolio of our products includes:
The system of the tickets retrieval and booking with connection to the outer data resources — GDS, Lowcost and other.
The system of railway tickets retrieval and booking.
The system of the products and services management.
The itinerary formation module.
The price forecasting module based on machine learning.
The system of orders’ information counting and saving — Travel specific Mid-Office Solution.
The control module of relationships with clients (CMS).

The great team
In E-Tickets Retail kft work lots of talented backend and frontend developers with wide technical competencies. They are real professionals in that sphere. We make decisions fast, help each other, share the experience, respect and treat our colleagues’ opinions well.

Innovative technologies
Our search engine processes a huge amount of requests every second using difficult pricing logic and flight combinations.

We work with a wide stack of technologies:
Actively apply machine learning.
The system is based on Microsoft.NET (C.
For data storing we use Microsoft Sql Server, MySQL, InfluxDB, ClickHouse, Redis.
The frontend is based on Vue.js 2, but in the nearest future we’re planning to go Vue.js 3.

Personal freedom
You can choose your working hours, you can work from any place of the world and travel freely. It doesn’t matter where you are, the main point is to solve assigned tasks in time.

Professional development
Each of our employees can realise their potential and gain an experience of cooperation with the largest IT-providers, world leaders in their sphere. You will affect important technological decisions, implement innovative technologies in the real projects and solve ambitious tasks.

Comfortable working environment
In E-Tickets Retail kft all members of the IT-team are treated with respect. We organise the working process with equal comfort and productivity for everyone. Work by Kanban, following the plan without a rush.

Join E-Tickets Retail kft!
We offer lots of projects and positions. If you’re not afraid of difficult tasks, want to learn something new, value flexible conditions without any bureaucracy — we’re waiting for you!