Welcome to Dyvo! We are a gaming company founded in Kyiv in 2023 by ex co-workers from NetEnt, one of the pillars of the gaming industry. With a long-standing relationship and a shared passion for excellence, we operate like a big family of about 50 people, valuing experience, high standards, and a commitment to changing the industry.
At Dyvo, we embrace an Agile approach, trusting each other and challenging established workflows to stay ahead in the industry. We believe in work-life balance and that work should be fun!
We are dedicated to creating cutting-edge games and experiences that captivate players and push the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming. With a dynamic and inclusive work environment, we foster creativity and continuous learning, while valuing diversity as a driving force for innovation.
Join us at Dyvo as we shape the future of gaming and create miracles along the way!