Dysnix is a company with 7+ years of experience in the development and maintenance of highly available and scalable server infrastructures/architectures.
7 липня 2022

Senior DevOps (Kubernetes,Terraform, Helm) (вакансія неактивна)

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Dysnix is a boutique company providing DevOps solutions delivery and cloud consulting services with 100% Senior and Architect teams employing Kubernetes, AI/ML and Blockchain technologies. We cultivate secure, stable, well-tailored infrastructures for startups and enterprises and infuse industries with tech innovations. The company is developing its product line and this inspires our entire team.

In 2021 Dysnix became the TOP-2 Cloud Computing Company in the world according to the international independent rating platform.

In 2022 we became members of the Linux Foundation and CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation). We are proud to enforce the largest open-source community with our participation.

🔹Essential professional experience:

  • 3+ years of DevOps experience
  • 1+ year work with Kubernetes and Ansible
  • 0.5+ years of Terraform/ Helm (+helmfile) experience
  • Strong Linux experience
  • Experience in deploying Infrastructure-as-Code from scratch, using Kubernetes, Terraform, and Helm
  • Interest in blockchain or blockchain enthusiast
  • Knowledge of languages:

English B1+ (Pre-Intermediate), Ukrainian.

🔹Nice to have experience with:

  • Blockchain (deploy & manage nodes, like `geth`)
  • ETL systems (Prefect, Nifi)
  • Message bus: Kafka, KubeMQ, RabbitMQ
  • TimescaleDB, Pormscale
  • MLOps: Seldon Core
  • Auth: Ory, auth0

🔹Our tech stack

  • Public clouds (GCP, AWS, Azure)
  • Iac: Terraform, Terragrunt
  • Kubernetes, Helm3
  • CI: github actions, gitlab-ci
  • CD: FluxCD/AgroCD
  • Monitoring: Prometheus, Alert-manager
  • Logging: Fluentd, Logstash, Loki
  • UI dashboards: Kibana, Grafana
  • Redis
  • SQL-Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • NoSQL: Elasticsearch, MongoDB
  • Ingress-controller: nginx, Istio, Ambassador

🔹Typical tasks on the project:

  • Automation of (complex) blockchain node deployment to run in GCP
  • Deployment of multi-regional Kubernetes-based environment for blockchain nodes in GCP
  • Adjust solution for auto-snapshots blockchain nodes (every 2-4 hours)
  • Adjust solution to provision persistent volumes from snapshots
  • Create deployment for GCP Marketplace listing

🔹Why Dysnix?

With us, you can develop up to Cloud Architect and find:

  • Complete personal freedom. Our team is made up of top engineers, so they have the opportunity to make independent decisions
  • Ecological path for the integration of new technologies (with us you can try savory, not only rock-perverted toolset)
  • Ability to develop for open source (check out our github: github.com/dysnix)
  • The company provides the opportunity and pays for obtaining the certification
  • Learn from the team, help synergy within experts in the DevOps area
  • We work only with long-term projects with a modern stack
  • There is no bureaucracy and micromanagement
  • The company pays great attention to social projects and actively participates in charitable activities.


Here are some videos that will help you to get acquainted with our Сo-founder & СTO Daniel Yavorovych

Feel free to share your CV with us, you’re most welcome!

🔹Сторінка компанії на DOU: https://jobs.dou.ua/companies/dysnix/