Dynamo Development, Inc.

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In 1996, Dynamo Development was founded in the New York Metropolitan area as a corporate consulting company that specialized in assisting big firms with all of their software needs. During this time period, we successfully completed projects for companies such as Citibank, Prudential, McDonald’s, and Deutsche Bank, just to name a few.

During the late 90s, we shifted our focus to a hot new area — Internet application development. After several years of success in this new market we, and many others in the industry, were adversely affected by the bursting of the Dot-Com bubble. Despite these hardships, we endured. We were able to open our first developer office in Kyiv, Ukraine around this time.

Using the hotbed of development talent that exists in Kyiv proved to be very beneficial to our continued success. Since this time our company has grown, allowing us to open two more Ukraine offices in the past two years, located in Odesa and Nikopol. As of 2021, our team in Ukraine has grown to over fifty developers.

Our Ukrainian team has many accolades including four PhDs, a myriad of NN certifications in various computer science areas, a plethora of development honors, and many completed projects and products. Our team in Ukraine is led by our head office in New York. Together, Dynamo Development stands ready to assist you with any software solution you may need.

Why us:
We pride ourselves in the family atmosphere that we have curated, paying close attention and taking great care of each of our team members. Our process allows us to keep bureaucracy to a minimum while allowing our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers to spread their technical expertise and flourish in whatever project that they take on. Our group of unique professionals is glad to take on non-standard projects. We work together to create a pool of knowledge and skills that we use to provide solutions that meet our clients’ needs, expectations, and budget. We provide our technicians with the opportunity for continuing education in order to enable them to keep abreast of the latest technologies. We believe that a strong, positive, open, and honest relationship between our employees and partners is the key to our success.

We have a comfortable working format — in the office (optional) or remotely. Our benefits package includes, but is not limited to, 6 types of health insurance, life insurance, English classes, the opportunity to have exercises in any sports club in Kyiv, consultations with a psychotherapist, baby-sitting service, and vaccinations. We have created a unique flexible format that allows employees to create their own list of benefits and customize it to their own needs so that each employee will get what is relevant to them.

web: dynamo-ny.com/career
e-mail: [email protected]