21...80 спеціалістів
Луцьк, Варшава (Польща), Лімасол (Кіпр), Saint John (Canada)

DRUPFAN is created by a group of Drupal professionals with a laser focus on Drupal and Laravel.

Our offices are located in Warsaw (Poland), Lutsk (Ukraine), Saint-John (Canada) and Limassol (Cyprus).

Given the deep expertise and laser focus on Drupal and Laravel, we are attracting the best local talents to join our team.

Our message is simple:

— PHP frameworks are our deliberate choice and focus.

— We believe that narrow focus gives us a competitive edge over other companies

— We really respect both Customers and Developers.

— European and North-American Customers only.

— No over-times. Life-work balance matters.

— No excessive management. We think that the developer should be contacted either by his Team-mate or the Customer. No regular HR tricks )

— Our Senior Developers created a unique Drupal course that is leveraged for internal corporate education.

— You will definitely speak English working in DRUPFAN. No matter what your level is now, we will help you acquire English speaking skills.

After all, we are like all other IT companies — we offer the same list of benefits and perks like paid sick leaves, vacations, etc. ))