Drooms GmbH

Франкфурт-на-Майні (Німеччина)

Drooms is a leading provider of secure cloud solutions in Europe. We provide specialist software to allow secure access to confidential documents as well as the ability to safely share them with third parties beyond company firewalls. Confidential business processes such as commercial real estate sales, mergers&acquisitions or Executive Board Communication are handled securely, transparently and efficiently with Drooms.

Customers include the world’s leading real estate companies, consultancies, law firms and corporations such as Metro Group, Evonik, Morgan Stanley, JLL, JP Morgan, CBRE, Heuking and UBS.

We are looking for excellent developers with deep domain knowledge and plenty of hands-on experience to join us. Beyond the required technical ability, we are looking for individuals with a “just do it” attitude, a passion for building awesome stuff and a desire to disrupt industries.

We are a team of great people who love creating valuable products for our customers. We like to work with flat hierarchies and a great sense of teamwork. Join Drooms and help us build the way companies can share information securely with the world around them.