_DRESSLAB UA is a subsidiary of the German company _DRESSLAB GmbH which provides advanced developments in the field of digitalization clothes and people, using the latest artificial intelligence approaches. _DRESSLAB is a leading technology partner in the textile and fashion industry.
3 жовтня 2022

Senior/Lead Computer Vision Engineer (вакансія неактивна)


_DRESSLAB is a leading technology partner in the textile and fashion industry. The company’s goal is to evolve in the fashion industry — from digitizing clothes in production to a client who uses his model in a virtual fitting room.
We provide a user experience in which online shopping — Internet resources, and the user — offline, which takes the client to a new level of experience.
We are currently working on the 3D Virtual Fitting Room, a digital version of the standard stand-alone fitting room. It allows customers to try on clothes, decide on the size, look at themselves, and it’s all online. The platform helps you get a complete immersion for the best experience.

We will have a 100% match if you appreciate cozy atmosphere of product IT-companies, if you like to see the result of your work, want to do something useful for people, and are ready to take the initiative.

Your hard skills are very important to us, but first of all we want to hire a good person. In _DRESSLAB you can fill in your knowledge gaps and gain invaluable experience.


Develop computer vision algorithms for 3D reconstruction. Develop camera calibration pipelines , integrate analytical CV algorithms with deep learning modules.


Must have:

— C/C++ (14 standard or later);
— Python;
— Image processing;
— OpenCV, Open MVG or similar;
— Experience in 3D reconstruction;
— Processing point clouds;
— Experience with libraries: eigen, CGAL;
— Understand math basic for computer vision and computer graphics.

Nice to have:

— Experience with Deep learning;
— Experience with computer graphics and game engines like Unity or UE;
— Strong mathematical background.

Advantages for candidate:

— The availability of specialized equipment for work;
— Stable and competitive salary;
— Hybrid work format;
— Convenient office in Vinnytsia;
— Team activities;
— Medical insurance;
— Sports compensation;
— Certification training;
— Learning English and German;
— Review of working conditions every 6 months in case of improving skills and gaining new skills;
— Participation in large-scale industry conferences.

By the way, every time we receive a CV of a candidate who is good at linear algebra and geometry, our architect is smiling somewhere in the office. And this is a big plus in karma at a technical interview.

Send us your CV. Become a part of our _DRESSLAB team.