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Вінниця, Дортмунд (Німеччина)

_DRESSLAB UA is a subsidiary of the German company _DRESSLAB GmbH which provides advanced developments in the field of digitalization clothes and people, using the latest artificial intelligence approaches. _DRESSLAB is a leading technology partner in the textile and fashion industry.

The company’s goal is to evolve in the fashion industry — from digitizing clothes in production to a client who uses his model in a virtual fitting room.We provide a user experience in which online shopping — Internet resources, and the user — offline, which takes the client to a new level of experience.

We are currently working on the 3D Virtual Fitting Room, a digital version of the standard stand-alone fitting room. It allows customers to try on clothes, decide on the size, look at themselves, and it’s all online. The platform helps you get a complete immersion for the best experience.