Dragons Lake

200...800 спеціалістів
Київ, Львів, Бухарест (Румунія), Варшава (Польща)

Dragons Lake is a best-in-class multi-genre game development studio providing advanced tech and design solutions for AAA/AA+ projects on PC & Consoles. We unite game dev professionals worldwide, working on high-end titles, co-developing, and porting with leading AAA publishers and developers in the industry.

We are video games craftsmen and gamers at heart, striving to scale new heights on the global market in the game dev industry. We bring ingenuity, creativity, and innovation in everything we do and go the extra mile to create extraordinary gaming experiences for all the players out there!

As part of Room 8 Group, we are a community that thrives on passion and ambition towards the gaming realm of entertainment. Don’t miss out on the career adventure of a lifetime — competitive financial reward, professional mentoring, conferences, engaging corporate life, an opportunity to work and learn in the environment of cultural diversity and inclusion.