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The State-Owned Enterprise "Electronic Health"​ provides digital transformation of the Ukrainian healthcare system.

The key task of the SOE is to build a stable, politically independent, safe electronic healthcare system to ensure the implementation of the law "On the State Financial Guarantees of Public Healthcare"​, and to provide the healthcare system with the necessary IT tools.

The company is responsible for security and administration, data security, and the involvement of the private perspective Ukrainian IT sector.

SOE staff counts around 30 experienced employees, including consultants who are actively working in functional areas:

1) Product Development (Product Owning)
2) Development of an electronic health system and cooperation with business
(Business development and B2B)
3) Financing and cooperation with international partners providing assistance to implement eHealth in Ukraine
4) Construction of information security of the electronic system components
5) Legal support of SOE activities in all areas of the electronic system implementation
6) Working with the government ordering parties (B2G)
7) Informing stakeholders and target audiences about SOE activities and
product promotion on the Ukrainian and international levels.

Tools and technologies:
1. Microservices architecture
2. Elixir
3. React
4. PostgreSQL
5. Docker
6. Kubernetes
7. oAuth 2.0 flow
8. Quasi LEAN-approach
9. Agile

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