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Do IT help companies that are looking to cut expenses, but at the same time get top quality software products from a premium professional team. We will always deliver what you need because we treat every project as a partnership and we will be fully committed and working with you as a team.

We are a skilled outsourcing partner and we use all our technology and industry knowledge and expertise to develop enterprise and mobile software solutions. Our software technology expertise allows us to offer you custom software development services such as:

New application development (including integration with existing applications),
Migration on newer technologies or creating a mobile version for existing applications,
Customization for existing applications.

We are using the best suited management and software development methodologies for your projects, in order to deliver what you need in time, on budget and at high quality. We develop and deliver agile (iterative and incremental).

We are using the most advanced technologies and platforms for web and mobile software application development.

Platforms: Java, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, GoLang, Android, IOS

We are experienced in: CRMs development, Web and Mobile applications development, Machine Learning, Big Data, E-commerce, Research & Development, UX design.

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