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Киев, Львов, Одесса, Варшава (Warszawa), Poland, Хильдесхайм (Hildesheim), Роттердам (Rotterdam), Звейндрехт (Zwijndrecht), Эйндховен (Eindhoven), Australia

It’s our passion to build relationships with top-notch IT professionals who consistently bring technical expertise, excellence and dedications to our partners WORLDWIDE!

Do IT is a Search and Selection Consultancy Provider. We have qualified staff of consultants with a Headquarter in Kiev, UA. With different professional background, our consultants are highly specialized in IT & Telecom: node.js; ruby; javascript; html5; c#; coffee script; python; php; knockout.js; angularjs; backbone.js, java, ‬‬ASP.Net, c++, oracle, MS SQL, perl, etc. Testing specialists, web designers, architects, system and business Analysts, release engineers, etc. ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

The mission of DO IT is to help our clients to achieve and maintain their competitive advantage by the recruitment of superior professionals considering the whole world as one market

Our expertise combines an in-depth knowledge of local markets with regional resources in implementing regional recruitment. A dedicated team of Consultants are allocated to these assignments.

IT Recruiting & Relocation services:




Visa services

Our clients fall into two main categories:

— Those who require top-notch IT professionals from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus for relocation

— Those that want to enforce their recruitment activities and cooperate with us on currents assignments in Ukraine

We can guarantee that we will streamline the timely and costly components of the process and add value in areas where your staff do not have the special expertise required.