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DNA325 is a local partner for global companies and startups who are launching their Software Development and R&D centres in Ukraine.
At DNA325, we provide a simplified and cost-effective way to build your very own talented remote team in Ukraine: from hosting in our office space to local IT personnel recruiting and management.

We recruit employees in the following areas: development, design, traffic, mobile&web affiliate, marketing, sales, customer support, content, etc.

Our main qualification:

1. Recruitment
2. Company formation/Operational support
3. HR Management
4. Software development

The value of our company is that we have assembled a team of practitioners with 10+ years in strategic management, human resources development, coaching and selection of exclusive personnel for digital and mobile.

DNA325 is proud of its Innovation hub — internal IT department which empowers us with our own innovations in selection and audit of personnel, market intelligence and data processing.

We speak the same language and know how to build a successful team with its values and maximum efficiency.