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Welcome to DMarket team!

DMarket is a Ukrainian-born startup that has grown into a large-scale global company with offices in Lisbon, London, Los Angeles and Kyiv. Our fantastic team might be divided by borders but we share the same values.

As a big supporter of Ukraine, DMarket was among the first to cut off all relationships with Russian and Belarussian partners and users, making an official statement against war and violence. Our team helped to raise millions of dollars to fight aggression and support Ukraine.

We are happy to invite you to join the DMarket family and conquer the Web 3 space together. If you are passionate about blockchain, AI, the global metaverse and love all tech, we are a perfect fit.

Hurry and jump into DMarket’s spaceship and let’s enter new horizons!

About us: DMarket is an in-game item and NFTs trading platform, and technology for building metaverses.
The first DMarket platform launched in 2018 to give game developers and players easy access to the multi-billion-dollar economy. Built on distributed ledger technology for transparent, secure transactions, the platform processes every operation in real-time using machine learning algorithms and AI-based predictions for pricing, demand, and availability.
In August 2019 DMarket launched the full set of trading features, including per-item SEO, item store, pre-orders, challenges, and cross-game promotion.
DMarket’s partners include Xsolla, Unity, 4A Games, GSC Game World, Playkey, Kiss Ltd., Tatem Games, Pantera Capital, and Latham & Watkins.

Join DMarket team today!

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