Digia Technology is a software development company specializing in the development of web applications and mobile applications. We work with creative start-ups and companies that are seeking to launch a new product or service idea.
24 октября 2018

Strong Junior to Middle React Developer with opportunity to learn React Native (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

We are looking for frontend developer to join the fast growing startup company. We value our members — we are serious about building their careers and we aim to make them leaders of the company in the future.

— Candidate MUST have strong work ethics, and is responsible and reliable
— Self demand on write a great piece of software, someone who aims to pursue for perfection
— A great team player. This position requires working with others closely.
— English communication skill

Frontend Position
— Strong Frontend (Greater than 75% of work will involve frontend)
— Experience with backend (Less than 25% of work will involve backend)
— Strong React programming experience
— Experience with React Native
— Experience with NodeJS

Будет плюсом

— Docker, Jenkins, Swagger, TypeScript, Kubernetes, CI
— Experience with one one of frontend framework such as angular, ember, or something similar
— Experience with AWS or similar framework
— Knowledge of building a scalable system
— Knowledge of microservice architecture
— Experience with Ethereum
— Experience with other databases such as noSQL, elasticsearch.


As a young, fast growing startup, we offer great opportunities for those who join to move up quickly. We aim to promote internals and make them become the leaders of the teams as the company grows.

The company is well connected to many well known advisors and investors in North America. We have built a good track records to impress them and we will continue to build high quality software to make the reputation grow.

We offer competitive salary and great rewards to the pioneers of the company.


We focus on building quality software for our clients and we aim to go beyond their expectations on every single delivery. We have built and implement various tools and system, such as boilerplates, microservices, automations, to make our software building process more efficient. The responsibility of the position is to work with other talented people together as a strong team to build awesome software.

О проекте

We have several exciting projects happening. Under client NDA, we can vaguely describe the projects.
— Resource management software for healthcare industry. Building software from scratch, involves Node, React, ReactNative, MySQL, Chat, Scheduling, Notification, Access Level Control, etc.
— Console for aggregating enterprise software data. Building software from scratch. Project involves advanced OO programming and frontend UI for customizability and user experience.
— Live stream social mobile app. Building software from scratch.
— Football ticketing platform