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DIESEC is a German company founded in 2009 that provides premium-quality services in the Cybersecurity field.
Combining the best world practices and innovations in Cybersecurity with the traditional German values, such as reliability, accuracy, honesty, diligence, responsibility and perfection in performance, we provide our clients with a whole package of modern cybersecurity services, including penetration testing, information security auditing, data protection, GRC (governance, risk management, compliance) Staff Educating and Digital Forensics.
Among our clients are mostly Banks, Trading Houses, Brokerage, Automotive and Insurance companies. Those businesses are the number-one-targets for cybercriminals around the world, so their cybersecurity requires the highest standards. Also, being a social responsible company, we help to secure various social institutions for free or minimum fee.

We are looking forward to collaborate with the developers in Ukraine remotely on a permanent basis with an opportunity of business trips to head office in Eschborn (approx. 7km next to Frankfurt-am-Main). Once we become more than 5 developers in Ukraine we will open an office in Kyiv just to provide an option for you to work remotely from home or come to the office to cooperate with your colleagues more closely.
For those guys who are willing to relocate (Frankfurt-on-Main area) we provide official employment with all social benefits:
— Medical and social insurance for all family members
— German language courses
— Visiting conferences and seminars (up to 3 times a year) through the European Union
— Obtaining professional certification on annual basis
— Assistance with registration at all instances, appointment of all meetings and support in the filling of all official visa documents. Covering all consular fees
— Covering relocation expenses and providing corporate accommodation for the first three months
So, don’t hesitate to apply and become a part of highly-qualified professionals that make digital world more safe and secure!