Dewais is a Software Development company from Kharkiv, Ukraine. We provide top-quality software development, design, testing, support, and consulting services. We create large-scale solutions, as well as help startups to grow from the MVP to profitable business. And we always deliver wise solutions to the world to make it a better place to live. In 2022 Clutch recognized Dewais as Best Reviewed Software Architecture Company, Best B2B Development & IT Services, and one of the Top 1000 Companies in the World.

Besides a growth mindset, our core value is humanity. The motto of Dewais-people is Be with us, but remain yourself — this is your main secret of success! In Dewais each teammate feels supported and can speak openly about their ideas, concerns or anything. We are like a tribe, but a tribe of professionals. We all look in the same direction — to make the world a better place by bringing wise solutions. This idea makes us really energetic. And to make us even more energetic we are happy to meet new teammates.


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