Who we are:
The Team That Cares

Our agency isn’t just about cutting-edge technology — it’s about progressive people, who are passionate about innovations and are bringing them to life.

Devurai has been operating and actively pushing web-development and digital transformation solutions since 2018.

About us:
— Our mission is to solve contemporary business problems with software
— Our calm and steady team is rather focused on a long-term marathon run than a short-term cash-grab
— We’re focused on clients with already launched businesses
— Our team implements the boldest business ideas proactively assisting at any stage of project development

Perks and benefits:
— 4 days working week model means 20% more free time! We understand that success isn’t measured by working hours
— Remote&Flexible working schedule. We don’t care where and when you work — absolute freedom of choice
— Paid vacations, sick leaves, holidays, and corporate events
— Convenient office location — 500m to any Kyiv metro branch
— We love studying and will 50% for yours
— You control your vacations — you wanna more, you get more //Under construction

Who are we looking for? Values, comprehensive:
— Big picture first: anything small we do is for a big result.
— Attentive to details: we put the maximum of our dedication and efforts into every project we are working with
— Create something incredible. No average results
— Progressive corporate workflow
— Strength comes from the truth
— Personal responsibility
— Win-Win approach to anything
— Go above and beyond YOUR and clients’ expectations