Hi, we’re DevsX! 👋

We are a development outsourcing international IT company that specializes in developing powerful and technically challenging projects to achieve exceptional results for our customers. Our expertise lies in web and mobile development.

We are a team of experts dedicated to helping businesses achieve their digital goals. Utilizing the latest technologies and industry best practices, we deliver high-quality, innovative software solutions. Our services encompass mobile app development, web development, backend development, as well as design services such as UI/UX design and branding. Let us assist you in staying ahead of the game and accomplishing your digital objectives.

🚀 DevsX’s history began with 3 friends in 2021, and now we have nearly 50 developers!

Our values:

— Mutual respect
— Responsibility

Our principles:

— Solving the client’s problem is our primary objective
— Contributing to the growth of every individual in the company
— Honesty with oneself and with others

🏆 Our distinctions:

— We exclusively serve startups, not medium-sized companies. We devote 100 percent of our attention and efforts to startups.
— Working with startups allows us to engage with the latest frameworks and methodologies, enhancing our skills in growth and implementing unconventional approaches.
— Legacy code is not welcome here. We strive to utilize the latest frameworks for both front and back-end development.

🌟 What our clients say:

— Visit our website: devsx.net
— Find us on Upwork: upwork.com/agencies/devsx
— Check out our profile on Clutch: clutch.co/profile/devsx

🌐 Follow us:

— Email us at [email protected]
— Connect with us on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/devsx

🚀 We are looking forward to welcoming you to our team!

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