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Киев, Днепр

3 вакансии

  • Senior Java Fullstack Developer $3500–4200 Киев, Днепр, удаленно
    — very good understanding of software and software patterns — open-minded and listen to understand not to respond — ReactJs — very good understanding — is able to design a project from scratch — typescript — very good understanding of how it helps, not only that it "provides...
  • Project Manager $1000–1500 Киев, Днепр, удаленно
    — experience in both Product and Project management is a must (at least 2 years); — team player folowing Agile principles; — experience in professional client relationship management; — control freak in the best possible way; — ability to be fast as a flash and to hold terabytes...
  • Senior node.js developer $3000–3800 Киев, Днепр, удаленно
    Our team is developing a new generation of video conferencing services built using WebRTC, the video quality of which is adapted to various networks: 3G, WiFi, LTE. It allows you to make video calls and organize video conferences for hundreds of participants.