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Київ, Варшава (Польща)

Hey there!

DevelopsToday is a mobile and web development team guided in delivering prime-quality products and views. We help aspiring startups and well-established businesses bring their ideas to life and launch mobile and web apps.

Our team is remote-first. Besides, we have multiple hybrid work offices in Kyiv and Warsaw.

What makes our culture stand out?

🏄‍♀️ Remote-first team

All team members work remotely and have the freedom to travel. During our travels, we organize meetings to connect in person.
Our HR team does fun online events to connect team members and make new friends.

📚 Education-focused approach

We made education our competitive advantage. Our dedicated education team builds courses and educational activities to boost growth:
— Speaking club with English tutors
— Technical workshops for QA Engineers and React developers
— Soft skills training to speed up the integration in communication with our clients

🛠 Exciting technologies and domains

We build products with modern technologies like React, React Native, Node.js, Python, Cypress/Playwright, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, and AWS.
Our clients work in domains: Fintech&Blockchain, Healthcare, and eCommerce.

🌍 Team diversity

Our team members live in 8+ countries, and we encourage diversity as a fully remote team.

We encourage you to read reviews from our team members on DOU to learn more about us.

We would love you to join us! 🧡