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Київ, Стокгольм (Швеція)

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Developers Shore is a Swedish IT company headquartered in Stockholm, with a development office in Kyiv.

At Developers Shore, we offer Ukrainian software engineers an opportunity to meet, work for, and collaborate with outstanding development teams from Sweden. We build sustainable long-term relationships with our clients, and we are committed to cherishing our developers and helping them grow professionally.

Developers Shore is a developer-centric company. We treat developers with honesty and respect. We foster motivation, encourage active contributions to products, and support freedom of choice when it comes to technology stacks and implementation tools.

Our goal is to match our clients with great dedicated team members and at the same time become the best workplace for Ukrainian developers.

Developers Shore is a spin-off and a sister company of Developers Bay, a thriving community for IT specialists working as private entrepreneurs and freelancers in Sweden.

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