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Ты знакомишься с компанией, которая поддержит твоё стремление к профессиональному развитию! Dev-Pro основана в 2011 году, имеет бизнес-центр в Америке, центры разработки в Харькове, Днепре, Киеве и Шарлотте, реализует долгосрочные проекты для более чем 20 клиентов в США и Европе силами команды из 350+ специалистов.
26 декабря 2019

Blockchain Engineer

Киев, Харьков, Днепр

Необходимые навыки

• Understanding of Blockchain and Ethereum
• Good knowledge of Solidity
• Experience with JavaScript
• Experience of writing smart contracts
• Understanding ICO mechanisms and workflow

Будет плюсом

• Experience with emerging Blockchain ledgers like EOS
• C++, EOS smart contract development
• Work with opensource projects
• Experience with JavaScript (Angular2-4)
• Git
• Knowledge of relational DB concepts such as MS SQL Server
• PCI DSS certification


Dev-Pro Benefits:
18-20 paid time off days per year
• 5 absence due to illness days and 21 day of extraordinary medical leave per year
• Medical Insurance and Healthcare Kit
• Extensive corporate professional training programs, workshops, ESL and conferences
• Team buildings, corporate parties and Dev-Pro Hangouts
• Relocation package
• Visa support


• As a Blockchain Engineer, you will be involved in the development of powerful regtech and fintech infrastructure technology that provides supreme identifier portability and compliance with legal requirements across different networks.
• Work in a mixed product-oriented team without any borders between the DevPro and the US/UAE teams.
• In close cooperation with the client and the tech team, influence the project pathway, introduce and implement new approaches.
• Develop Smart Contracts on the Ethereum ledger and push forward the creation of new token standards on a public network.
• Stay up to date with the latest standardization efforts, best practices and security updates.
• Contribute to industry best standards by acting as a knowledgeable resource for Blockchain engineering and problem-solving

О проекте

We are offering a project, the goal of which is to create a financial platform for the crypto market. A lot of exciting things are happening in the crypto world now: the social networks are about to release their own securities that must be properly regulated, more and more banks are issuing their own currencies (stable coins), digital trade finance banks are being established, and tokenization is becoming a real thing in the real estate world.
Our platform deals with all these and even more. We build the integration solution for a broad list of stakeholders, from investment banks to regulatory authorities to regular investors.
The client is a US/UAE-based FinTech platform that combines security innovation, the advantages of distributed ledgers, and patent-pending liquidity algorithms to produce a new kind of financial instrument: a highly-liquid, dividend-yielding, investment-grade digital asset with the stability of bonds, the transferability of Bitcoin, and the exchangeability of dollars. The platform supports both fiat and crypto payment providers (Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple, Bitcoin, Cascade etc.).
Dev-Pro participates in both backend and frontend development and takes care of DevOps as soon as it has passed PCI DSS certification. Frontend is based on Angular, backend on C# / ASP.NET Core 2.2, so there are plenty of open opportunities and challenges to resolve and deal with. You’ll join our team of experts, so you’ll be able to validate your ideas and become a part of the collective mind.