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Ты знакомишься с компанией, которая поддержит твоё стремление к профессиональному развитию! Dev-Pro основана в 2011 году, имеет бизнес-центр в Америке, центры разработки в Харькове, Днепре, Киеве и Шарлотте, реализует долгосрочные проекты для более чем 20 клиентов в США и Европе силами команды из 350+ специалистов.
27 января 2020

Junior/Intermediate .NET Developer


Необходимые навыки

• 2+ years’ experience in web development
• Strong knowledge of object-oriented programming using C#
• Ability to write maintainable, scalable code that adheres to approved patterns and design principles
• Deep understanding of relational databases in general and Microsoft SQL Server specifically
• Familiarity with advanced design principles such as service-oriented architectures, domain-driven design, IoC and events
• Ability to troubleshoot and debug complex defects with debugger and profiler tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio
• Proficiency with modular development concepts and package management tools, such as NuGet or Chocolatey
• Strong knowledge of Windows and Linux operating system internals Understanding of Windows security principles and PowerShell scripting.
• Familiarity with Microsoft IDEs such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code
• Familiarity with Atlassian tools (Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence)
• Familiarity with JetBrains tools (ReSharper)
• Working knowledge of Git-based version control systems


The primary responsibilities of a Data Load Engineer inside the project involve design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of systems and processes responsible for getting the most recent regulatory data updates propagated into a number of healthcare revenue cycle management products.
The position will be heavily focused on automation of manual processes, data validation and ETL. Data Load Engineers participate in all aspects of the software development lifecycle including collaborating with analysts on gathering requirements and developing design specifications, solution prototyping, implementation, development of unit and system tests, and monitoring of system performance.
As part of the team, you will:
• Develop high-quality, object-oriented code using C# and a mixture of internal and popular external frameworks
• Analyze datasets and collaborate with analysts to devise ways to ingest data from a large number of data sources
• Develop automated data validation tools designed to work with problematic data sets
• Develop tools to automate data extraction from a variety of source types starting from web crawling/scraping to PDF deconstruction

О проекте

We are building a market-leading healthcare cost containment service for self-insured employers, third-party administrators, commercial payers, and claim auditors — affordable, deductible health insurance plans that can save money in the form of lower premiums and tax breaks.
The platform facilitates reference-based pricing for employers concerned with health care costs. It also offers patient advocacy advice, a data analytics reporting tool and accredited care management services. It is the trusted source both for health plans and providers to manage their claim flows.