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Dev.Pro helps innovative technology companies scale their business by leveraging its software engineering expertise. We focus on productivity, which we achieve by drawing together the right mix of talent for the job.

To deliver exceptional value to our customers, we invest in training programs, infrastructure, and the environment. Education is one of our core values as it facilitates the two most important features of Dev.Pro: great people doing great work. Interested in professional growth? — Join Dev.Pro. We propose:

01. Challenging technical projects:
• Wide range of projects in growing business domains
• Use of cutting-edge technology platforms
• Ability to impact architecture and design decisions
• Exposure to business issues and client interaction

02. Professional growth:
• Multitude of online internal and public training programs to master new technologies and tools
• Professional career planning with the ability to change your career path between engineering, test, managerial, and other tracks
• Leadership development program to boost your soft skills
• Online English language clubs run by native speakers
• Support of professional designers, proofreaders and public speaking trainers to help you build your professional brand

03. Compensation and benefits:
• Compensation is regularly re-calibrated to be competitive with the external market for equivalent skills and seniority
• Overtime hours are paid
• Bonuses for extra contribution to the business (project contribution, participation in internal initiatives, referral bonuses)
• Medical insurance
• Up to 20 rest days per year with the option to convert unused rest days into extra compensation payment
• 5 days paid absence due to illness and 21 days of partially paid extraordinary medical leave
• Maternity leave policy

04. Great work environment:
• Safe working environment as our number one priority with either work from home or work from the office in compliance with quarantine measures
• Comfortable working-from-home conditions, including the delivery of the necessary equipment and furniture, assistance with ordering groceries for home delivery and online events for your children help to make your workflow even more efficient
• Well-documented operational processes that remove the guesswork on how to get what you need from support departments
• Fun online activities organized around different hobbies and team-building events

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