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20 вересня 2022

Application Security Engineer (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, Львів, віддалено

🟢 We invite an application security engineer to join our company! Dev.Pro has high-scale projects in fintech, POS, restaurant business, blockchain, and other domains — the companies we partner with make trillions of dollars and work with world-leading brands, such as Taco Bell and Burger King. What’s in it for you:

🟩 What’s in it for you

  • Develop a brand new direction from scratch, making decisions about its growth
  • Gain experience in different domain areas, such as fin tech, blockchain, etc
  • Work with modern technology stack (JS/TS, microservices, clouds)

💰 $4,000 sign-in or referral bonus!

✅ Is that you?

Most importantly:

  • 3+ years’ experience in secure development or application security audit
  • Technical degree (information or cyber security, computer science etc.)
  • Understanding of the development and its stages
  • Understanding of how security controls can be used within the application (e.g. authentication, integrity check, encryption, security assurance, logging)
  • Understanding of web application architecture, operating systems, cloud architecture, containerisation
  • Experience in configuration security testing solutions, security findings triage and knowledge of threat modelling and application security risk assessment
  • Ability to explain security issues to engineering teams
  • Intermediate+ English level


  • Experience in web application development
  • Experience in using popular security testing tools (e.g. Acunetix, Burp, OWASP ZAP, Nessus/
  • Experience in bug bounty programs or penetration testing
  • Experience in application security audit (OWASP SAMM, ASVS, etc.)
  • Knowledge of process automation

🧩What will your role look like?

  • Provide security guidance and advice in terms of application security to engineering teams
  • Perform application security requirements and control their implementation through the whole development process
  • Perform threat modelling and application risk assessment to build modern and secure applications
  • Assist with penetration testing of applications
  • Integrate security best practices into the development processes
  • Implement and maintain application security testing solutions (SAST/DAST/IAST) and their integration into CI/CD pipeline

🎾 What’s working at Dev.Pro like?

Here, we appreciate your contribution and value you add to projects. We are a diverse, mature company with an ambitious and creative mindset. Joining Dev.Pro, you’ll feel what it’s like to grow with professionals who support your journey. We offer:

✔️ Professional and personal growth: ability to shift your career path, access to English courses, online training programs and conferences
✔️ Healthcare kit (gym, sports nutrition etc.), maternity and military leave
✔️ Fun online activities and team-building events
✔️ IT, facility, and accounting support, including work equipment
✔️ 18-20 paid time-off days per year, 5 absence-due-to-illness, up to 60 days of extraordinary medical leave per year, and up to 6 family leaves

Our next steps:

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