Ми, компанія DESIGN AND TEST LAB, впевнені, що майбутнє є тільки у компаній, які вміють писати надійні програми! У зв’язку з техногенністю та софтогенністю, надійність стає вищим пріоритетом. Компанія DESIGN AND TEST LAB вірить у перспективу, затребуваність та міжнародне визнання у IT-фахівців, які вміють програмувати надійно. ТОМУ МИ: 1.
2 лютого 2023

Frontend Software Engineer (TypeScript, Angular) (вакансія неактивна)


We are looking for an experienced Frontend Software Engineer (TypeScript, Angular) to join our team for improvement development of projects and development team expansion!

Important for us:
— Knowledge of HTML and CSS markup languages;
— Knowledge of the JavaScript language;
— Knowledge of the TypeScript language;
— Knowledge of Angular or React;
— At least 2-3 years of work experience;
— Knowledge and skills of automatic application testing (unittests, e2e tests);
— It is obligatory to have a portfolio of frontend projects, confirmed by links to repositories;
— Knowledge of Object-oriented programming and design patterns (Erich Gamma, Martin Fowler) see list of questions and references: How to prepare for career exams;
— Knowledge and skills of application refactoring (Martin Fowler);
— Written English: correct grammar and spelling (intermediate level),

Will be a big plus:
— UML language;
— Knowledge of Swagger technology;
— Knowledge of the principles of domain-specific design (Eric Evans).

Tasks of the software engineer:
— development of specifications;
— development of web application functions according to specified specifications and architectures;
— integration with internal and external web services;
— application coverage with automatic tests;
— debugging web applications and fixing bugs.

Do you want to work with useful and unique applications and be proud of your work?! Send your CV to us! [email protected]

What you’ll get working with us:
— 24 days of paid vacations;
— 5 days of paid medical leave;
— Remotely work;
— Full and connected team: business analysis, front-end development, backend development, iOS development, Android development, QA engineers, technical experts!
— Payment for services in currency;
— Official employment with tax recovery;
— Monthly bonus for English language certificate;
— Birthdays’ gifts for teammates;
Career and professional growth:
— Description of business processes of all team role;
— Opportunity to join professional culture of reliable software engineering and popularize it this;
— Interesting project on modern technologies with regular technical consultations with over 18 years-experienced experts;
— Free corporative library;
— Feedback about your work’ results! The employee and team estimate the results of work!
— Plan of professional and career growth.
— Help with achieving organizational goals and personal goals!
— Adaptation program and mentoring for new employees! It helps to work effectively from the first day.
Free time
— Flexible work schedule, 5 days per week/8 hours per day;
— All national holidays are weekends;
— Corporate events!
— Support of team members during martial law (partial compensation for safe accommodation and purchase of charging stations, regular donations, etc.).

About project
★Duration of the projects: Long-time (min 6 months)
★Technologies: TypeScript, Angular 8, Angular Google Maps, Bootstrap 4, Swagger, unit and e2e testing, AWS, modules of npm, ng-bootstrap, patterns, MVC, tslint, ngrx/store
★Requirements: Formalized
★Client: USA, San-Francisco
★Technical consultations: 1. Team process on meetings. 2. Personal with technical expert
★Team of the project: Full: Project Manager, Business Analyst, front-end, backend, iOS -development, QA Engineer
★Project management ceremonies: planning, organization, control, motivation, budgeting, business-processes
★Risks management:resource, technological, operations.

Examples of our products:
— E-commerce project with the sale of food via the internet;
— Unique social network for architects, designers, landshaft designers;
— Useful social network for the search and treatment of rare diseases from all over the world.