Delta M group

200...800 специалистов

Delta M is an international company operating in 6 countries. For 13 years we have been successfully performing our business activity in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland, Moldova and Belarus combining the acknowledged western standards with a deep understanding of the local markets.

The main business activities:

Debt Management — outsourcing of recovery processes at all collection stages
Software Development:
Delta M. Collection — software complex which automates workflow with debts at all collection stages. Product specially designed for the financial system including national legislations of each of the Partner’s countries.

Delta Tell — IP PBX software with Call Centre functionality.
As of now we are working with more than 40 companies in 6 countries and provide them with:

IT systems for Banks, Micro Financial Institutions and Collection Agencies;
Professional technical support 24/7/365;
Regular systems upgrades;
The ability to quickly change business processes to fit their needs on their own;
Debt collection outsourcing.

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